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Our mission remains the same, but we are excited to now provide data, open government resources, and analysis relevant to all 50 states and their local governments.

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California County Health Profiles

About This Visualization

The California Department of Public Health maintains County Health Status Profiles that contain county data for selected health indicators. This visualization details those indicators, as presented in the county health status profiles, from 2009 to 2014. To use the visual, first select a health indicator. The available indicators come from a number of categories, including mortality, morbidity, natality, infant mortality, and poverty. Upon selecting an indicator, a metric for that indicator will appear in the visualization.

The heat map shows the range of the metric across all counties (for which data is available) in the state. The table to the right of the map ranks each county based on this indicator. The higher the ranking, the better the county’s relative performance was for a given year. By using the year slider on the top right, the you can view the heat map and rankings table across the time span.

The chart on the bottom graphs the metric for the selected indicator over time. The green line represents the value of the metric for a specific county. To change the county shown, hover over another county in the heat map or in the rankings table. The orange line shows the statewide metric value for the selected indicator. The dashed line shows the national objective or goal value for the metric. From this chart, you can compare a selected county to the statewide average, as well as determine whether or not the county (and that state) has is meeting or exceed the benchmark metric value for the indicator.

Data Source: California Department of Public Health. County Health Status Profiles, 2009 to 2014.

CACS is not responsible for the accuracy of data received from outside sources. Please email us at [email protected] if you believe you have found an error in the visualization.

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