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Podcast Episode 2 – The Squeeze on High-Skill Visas

  • The Juice – 02

May 6, 2015 – Every April since 1990, hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals have applied for H-1B visas, employer-sponsored high-skill work permits that would allow them to work in the States as non-U.S. citizens. And every April, many applicants are turned away due to the tight 65,000-visa annual cap. Read More…

Today, U.S. companies – especially giant technology companies – are hungry for the best science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) talent in the world. With a purported shortage of American STEM workers, many say H-1B visas are vital to growth and that more should be issued. Others worry H-1B visas undercut the American workforce, thereby creating more problems than they solve.

So, is the juice worth the squeeze? CACS spoke to policy experts on either side of the H-1B debate to help you decide. Emily Lam is the Vice President of Health Care and Federal Issues for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. She has lobbied in Washington on behalf of Silicon Valley companies for seven years. Dr. Ron Hira is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Howard University and a Research Associate with the Economic Policy Institute. He has testified before Congress regarding outsourcing trends among American companies.

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Welcome to The Juice, California Common Sense’s new podcast. The Juice delivers smart policy discussions directly to your earbuds. We’ll tackle one policy issue per episode, asking informed policy thinkers to weigh in on a heated topic of debate.

In each episode, we’ll ask our guests which government initiatives are worth their cost and why? In other words: when is the juice worth the squeeze?

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