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Podcast Episode 1 – Debunking California’s High-Speed Rail

  • The Juice – 01 – High Speed Rail

March 17, 2015 – After years of political and financial debate, construction on California’s High Speed Rail (HSR) project has begun in the Central Valley, with construction of connections from Los Angeles to San Francisco planned through 2022. Its slated total cost? At least $68 billion. Read More…

Our guest is Christian Edwards, a young professional in the healthcare consulting sector and a Central Valley native. In this debut of The Juice, Christian expresses his not-so-apologetic disapproval of HSR, and we parse out the issues at stake.

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About The Juice Podcast

Welcome to The Juice, California Common Sense’s new podcast. The Juice delivers smart policy discussions directly to your earbuds. We’ll tackle one policy issue per episode, asking informed millennials to weigh in on a heated topic of debate.

In each episode, we’ll ask our guests which government initiatives are worth their cost and why? In other words: when is the juice worth the squeeze?

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