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After five years of opening California’s governments to the public, developing data-driven policy analysis, and educating citizens about how California governments work, the California Common Sense team is proud to announce our nationwide expansion to United States Common Sense.

Our mission remains the same, but we are excited to now provide data, open government resources, and analysis relevant to all 50 states and their local governments.

In addition to our CACS work, you can find our newly-enhanced nationwide research and data products at

With your support, we’ll continue striving to make governments across the country more open, more accessible, and more accountable to you.


The US Common Sense Team


United States Common Sense

We use data to help cut through rhetoric and make sense of America’s state, city, and county governments.

Our research and data products serve to make government more open, more accessible, and more accountable to you.

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United States Common Sense is a non-partisan 501(c)3 non-profit policy group dedicated to opening government to the public. We find government data, contextualize it, and make sense of it for you.

The nation’s largest free public finance platform, provides citizens, journalists, and researchers with greater access to information about their governments’ financial performance.
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Learn about key policy issues by exploring issue briefs, articles, and visualizations.
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What is the Difference Between a Primary and a Caucus?

In the United States, voters choose their party’s presidential nominee through state primaries or caucuses. This issue brief reviews the differences between the choices voters have and how it varies state by state.

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Puerto Rico Bankruptcy

In August 2015, Puerto Rico became the first territory in U.S. history to default on its debt. We explain the legal and financial issues at stake for Puerto Ricans and their creditors.

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Flint’s Long History of Fiscal Distress

Flint’s water crisis followed decades of chronic fiscal distress. Declining state and local revenues, steady spending levels, and revenue-raising restrictions created the conditions for the city’s water crisis.

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“By creating a relationship between elected officials and the public based on data and accountability, USCS gets us back to the roots of the democratic process. Our system works best when citizens and politicians can effectively exchange ideas and work together to bring about change. If you believe in a thriving, vibrant democracy, join me in supporting USCS.”

Roberta Achtenberg

Former Clinton HUD Assistant Secretary and SF County Supervisor

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